Community Resources

General Caregiving Books

  • Daily Comforts For Caregivers
  • Quick Tips For Caregivers
  • A Family Caregiver’s Guide To Planning & Decision Making For The Elderly
  • Caregiving The Spiritual Journey of Love, Loss and Renewal
  • The Carebook – A Workbook for Caregiver Peace of Mind
  • Hardship Into Hope – The Rewards of Caregiving (Cassette Tape)
  • Caregiver Wellness (VHS Tape)
  • Caregiver Hiring Manual and Tool Kit
  • Love, Honor & Value
  • The Educated Caregiver (VHS Tapes)
    • Coping Skills
    • Hands-On Skills
    • Essential Knowledge

Books for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

  • Bathing Without A Battle (VHS Tape)
  • Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The Best Friends Book of Alzheimer’s Activities
  • There’s Still A Person In There
  • Dementia Caregivers Share Their Stories
  • Barney…The Long Sundown
  • The 36 Hour Day
  • Communication – Alzheimer’s (VHS Tape)

Kinship Care – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Books

  • Grandparents – Raising our Children’s Children
  • Guide For Grandparents
  • Parenting Someone Else’s Child
  • Don’t Cheat the Children – Connecting Generations Through Grand Friendships
  • Relatives Raising Children

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