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About Us

ICAN Alcona is a community project working to understand what services, facilities, activities, and programs Alcona County residents want and need. We are conducting a variety of surveys with residents, community leaders, and local entrepreneurs to obtain grant funding for a Community Center that will benefit you!

Your participation in this project will help us identify and demonstrate gaps in current community resource availability. This will help our team obtain state and federal grant funds for the Community Center.

Our team is comprised on community research experts and local community stakeholders.

Ideas or Questions? Reach us at ICANAlcona@umich.edu

In hopes of stopping misinformation and providing transparency and clarity, ACCOA has developed this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Document. This document will continue to be updated with additional information and answers about the new building project. Each question and answer has been placed in categories for your convenience.

Community Needs Assessment – NEMCSA

Community Needs Assessment. Every three years NEMCSA seeks input from people in the communities we serve regarding their needs and the needs of others in their area.


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